President Obama Hosts MIB3 Screening Party!

Looks like everyone loves the Men in Black, even in the White House! I wonder if the President is in charge of the real MIB? He recently hosted a screening party of MIB3 for servicemen and their families as a special treat.

I think this is the movie theater in the White House! I don’t think it gets much cooler than that. Plus, with all the secret-service around, it probably felt like they had the Men In Black right there with them!


MIB3 Breaks IMAX Record Memorial Day Weekend!

Wow! I knew that MIB3 outperformed the Avengers last weekend and became the number 1 movie in the U.S , but I didn’t know until now that it broke sales records!

Thats right- The Men In Black set a new IMAX Memorial Day Weekend record, grossing $12.7 Million at the IMAX box offices during its 4 day opening weekend! That is pretty fantastic. The previous record holder for the weekend was the final Pirates of the Caribbean Movie, so the competition was stiff. Still, the MIB came out on top!

I love seeing movies in IMAX, it really makes you feel like you are inside the movie. I’m glad that it did so well with MIB3, maybe more movies will be heading to IMAX theaters! Bring it on!

Congrats to the Men In Black, I think you have some MIBelievers to thank? 🙂

Jaden Smith to Join the Men In Black?

I have posted before on the subject of future MIB films- MIB3 Director Barry Sonnenfeld had said previously that even though this trilogy was completed (with the story of Agents J and K) , that there was definitely room in the future for more Men In Black!

I’m sure that everyone found that news to be as exciting as I did! Well, now we know there is more to that story 🙂

Apparently Sonnenfeld has been speaking to JADEN Smith (Will Smith’s son) about working with him on MIB4! How awesome would that be?! Jaden Smith has starred in the reboot of the ‘Karate Kid’ and did a really good job. I think that whole family is bursting with talent, and that Jaden would be perfect to take over the MIB franchise.

Not only is he really talented, but he is super cute too!

What do you think of Jaden as a possible MIB Agent?


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MIB3 Museum Exhibit in Queens

Wow- this looks like a great exhibit for anyone with a passion for movie magic. The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY is doing a special exhibit on the work of special-effects master Rick Baker (aka the man behind the aliens of MIB3, plus many, many more.) This academy-award winning makeup/mask artist (7 awards, if you are interested,) led a team of 50 people in designing over 125 aliens masks for the movie!

(image courtesy of the NY Daily News)

His craftsmanship is unparalleled, not to mention his incredible imagination and artistic vision. The aliens in MIB3 are really the coolest part of the whole series, and we have Baker to thank for bringing those creatures to life!

I will definitely be checking out this exhibit. It is so interesting to see all of the work and artistry, (not to mention “magic”) that goes on behind the scenes of our favorite movies!

Check out the article from the NY Daily News Here:

Congrats to the MIB!

I hope everybody had a great memorial day weekend! I definitely did- BBQ, Parades, and the MIB! MIB3 dominated at the box office this weekend (no surprise there), even outselling The Avengers! Looks like the Men In Black are back on Top 🙂 I went with a couple of friends to see it AGAIN but this time in IMAX 3D- and let me tell you- it was worth the higher ticket cost. Loved it even more the second time around!


US Opens Alien Defense Headquarters!

My favorite news site is reporting that the US government has opened an ADH- Alien Defense Headquarters. It makes sense since there is supposed to be an Alien attack later this year! I’m wondering how this new headquarters will compare to the Men In Black…I bet their weapons and Agents aren’t nearly as cool! On second thought- it must be a decoy because we know that the REAL Alien Defense Department is top secret!


UFO Crash in Aurora, Texas!

This is really cool- there was a UFO crash reported in this town Aurora, over 100 YEARS AGO! There was even a funeral for the “Martian” Pilot! I guess people have been interested in Aliens for a lot longer than I thought! Now the real question is: why haven’t I heard about this before? In fact, none of my friends had ever heard of this place either. Perhaps the MIBs performed one of their “Mind Wipings” to make people forget!

Here are some cool articles about the crash!