MIB3 Museum Exhibit in Queens

Wow- this looks like a great exhibit for anyone with a passion for movie magic. The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, NY is doing a special exhibit on the work of special-effects master Rick Baker (aka the man behind the aliens of MIB3, plus many, many more.) This academy-award winning makeup/mask artist (7 awards, if you are interested,) led a team of 50 people in designing over 125 aliens masks for the movie!

(image courtesy of the NY Daily News)

His craftsmanship is unparalleled, not to mention his incredible imagination and artistic vision. The aliens in MIB3 are really the coolest part of the whole series, and we have Baker to thank for bringing those creatures to life!

I will definitely be checking out this exhibit. It is so interesting to see all of the work and artistry, (not to mention “magic”) that goes on behind the scenes of our favorite movies!

Check out the article from the NY Daily News Here: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/movies/men-black-3-exhibit-museum-moving-image-shows-work-award-winning-special-effects-artist-rick-baker-article-1.1084652