US Opens Alien Defense Headquarters!

My favorite news site is reporting that the US government has opened an ADH- Alien Defense Headquarters. It makes sense since there is supposed to be an Alien attack later this year! I’m wondering how this new headquarters will compare to the Men In Black…I bet their weapons and Agents aren’t nearly as cool! On second thought- it must be a decoy because we know that the REAL Alien Defense Department is top secret!


UFO in Argentina?

Check out this article on a UFO from Argentina! Theres a pretty cool video too. I have been watching a bunch of videos like this on Youtube, some are actually pretty convincing! If you have any UFO videos or pictures please send them in!


So as you know, I have been obsessing over the Baskin-Robbins “Pink Surprise” cake that keeps showing up in the MIB3 promos and ads. It looked delicious, but I had no idea what flavor it actually was. Well now I know!

The “Pink Surprise” cake, is a “triple-layer ice cream cake made of Oreo Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream sandwiched between two layers of Devil’s Food Cake and adorned with pink frosting roses.”


Bill Hader’s Andy Warhol in MIB3

As we know, Agent J goes back in time to save Agent K in MIB3. So, of course he would meet some pretty cool characters from the past! Bill Hader (who is awesome) plays Andy Warhol, who is revealed to be an undercover MIB! It figures- he was known for some unusual art, and he hung out with some strange looking people…they could definitely be Aliens! (PS. Agent J telling Warhol that he is going to “B*#ch slap the shiznit” out of him, could possibly be my favorite trailer quote ever!)

What is your favorite MIB Theme song?

I am loving Pitbull’s theme song for MIB 3- “Back In Time”

BUT my all time favorite is still the theme song from MIB 1- “Men In Black”, by Will Smith.

The good guys dress in black- remember that! Watch the (amazing) music video here!

Let me know what your favorite MIB song is!

Spacecraft on the Bottom of the Sea?

Take a look at this photo- and tell me it isn’t shaped just like a UFO! You never know…but since major media is covering the story, does that mean the MIB’S didn’t get involved in the coverup? Maybe we will all mysteriously forget about it once the craft is brought to the surface…

Whatever it is, I wonder how it got to the bottom of the Baltic Sea!

Check out  the sources below:

Celebrity Alien Abductions

Where were the MIB’S with this one??  I guess even famous people have 3rd kind encounters! Fran Drescher (from “The Nanny” and “Happily Divorced”)  has confessed to the media that she was abducted by aliens and implanted with a microchip! They also allegedly brain wash you to make you forget about the experience! (Not sure how she remembered it…)  I’ve checked my own hands for an implant scar, but I don’t think I’ve been abducted. Gonna keep an eye out for these scars on other people- maybe I’ll find someone who remembers their encounter…