Wow. So as you know last night was the midnight showing of MIB3! I went with a couple of friends and let me tell you- it was AWESOME! There was a  really good crowd and everyone was having a great time.

I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but it really was an awesome ending to the MIB trilogy. Will Smith was hilarious (as always) and Josh Brolin played an EXCELLENT Agent K. I spotted some of the Celebs that I mentioned in earlier posts, and all of the appearances were great additions.

As for Wu’s Diamond Garden, and Clive’s Tattoo shop: I think we suspected all along that some strange things were going down there, now I know the truth! (“Strange things” is an understatement) Looking back, I think they did a really cool job leaking that stuff before the movie. It made me feel like an insider!

Anyways, I really recommend that you see it. It was funny and exciting with some great acting and incredible effects! Plus, if you are near NYC like me, it is supposed to be thunderstorming all week so it is the perfect time to get your butt in a movie theater!!!

Some cool extras that I learned:

MIB3 was the most expensive movie ever made in NYC!

Also, a very large part of the NYC scenes in MIB3 were filmed on location (that means  they were actually filmed in New York and not in a movie lot in LA). They really went to Chinatown for Wu’s!


UFO in Argentina?

Check out this article on a UFO from Argentina! Theres a pretty cool video too. I have been watching a bunch of videos like this on Youtube, some are actually pretty convincing! If you have any UFO videos or pictures please send them in!


I am loving the new “bike” that the MIBs are using in the new movie! I want one! They are calling it a “monocycle.” I have to say, Agent J is looking pretty awesome in this MIB3 poster. I wonder when they will be available in stores…

New Alien Goodies at Baskin-Robbins!

OOH looks like the “pink surprise cake” might have some competition! Our favorite ice cream spot, Baskin- Robbins, has released a few new flavors and sundae options to commemorate the release of MIB3! Here is what they have for us (try not to drool on your keyboard):

The ‘Lunar Cheesecake’ ice cream, originally released for the moon landing in 1969 (woah!) will be making a reappearance. It features green and white cheesecake ice cream loaded with cheesecake bits and wrapped up in a crunchy Graham cracker ribbon.

The new sundaes, “Lunar Lander” and “Agent 31” feature the Lunar Cheesecake ice cream, with the “Lander” topped with Marshmallow and Yellow Cake (YUMMM!), and “31” topped with brownies and hot fudge (DROOOL!)

Definitely trying one of everything! (including the pink surprise cake)

Yummy MIB3 Treats from Dunkin Donuts!

It looks like the Men In Black are inspiring all sorts of delicious treats! Dunkin Donuts, (whom I have always suspected as being involved in an Alien cover-op), has released some new stuff that I can’t wait to try. The ‘Black Cocoa Creme Iced Coffee,’ and  ‘Undercover Black Cocoa Donut’ are both inspired by the movie (and look delicious!) Let’s hope there isn’t any “Spikey Bulba” hiding in there!



I managed to get into NYC yesterday, (despite the rain), to go on the AWESOME New York TV& Movie Sites tour, by On Location tours! Since it was MIB3<3NYC day yesterday, the tour guide gave out a bunch of really fun goodies like MIB pins and even official MIB3 Sunglasses! I wonder if they will stop the MIB mind erasers?… 🙂

Even though I’m no stranger to NYC, it was really cool to see the city with the New York TV& Movie Sites tour. They took us all around the city, and played clips from some of the coolest movies shot in New York (there were dozens). It is a must do for any movie/TV  buff  visiting the city. Also, since it was raining for half the day, it was such a relief to be on a tour  in a dry comfy bus! My tour group was so nice and the guide really kept things lively and fun. PLUS- I got to visit some of the awesome MIB filming locations from all 3 movies!


remember the Empire Diner from MIB2?

MIB HEADQUARTERS! I wish I could have gone inside 🙂

They even gave out Weekly World News papers on the tour! I already had one, but took extras anyways!

Everyone was reading them with their new MIB sunglasses on-very cool!

Here is my tour group in front of the bus. Such a great day! If you want to go on this awesome tour, check out and get your ticket!

The coolest thing of all, was that the red carpet premiere of MIB3 in NYC was last night! I was there too early to see any celebrities, but I got to check out the Zeigfeld theater and see the crew setting up the tents for premiere night. I wish I could have gotten a ticket!

Anyways, great day of MIB prep. I will be picking up my ticket to the midnight show really soon, can’t wait!!!!

Aliens from MIB3!

I found some stills from behind the scenes of MIB3, featuring the incredible work of movie make-up artist Rick Baker. They look great! In the article below, “Screenrant” describes how they went for a “retro” look since the MIBs were traveling back in time! Movie magic really amazes me.

I think the big-brained aliens above are my favorite!