Jaden Smith to Join the Men In Black?

I have posted before on the subject of future MIB films- MIB3 Director Barry Sonnenfeld had said previously that even though this trilogy was completed (with the story of Agents J and K) , that there was definitely room in the future for more Men In Black!

I’m sure that everyone found that news to be as exciting as I did! Well, now we know there is more to that story 🙂

Apparently Sonnenfeld has been speaking to JADEN Smith (Will Smith’s son) about working with him on MIB4! How awesome would that be?! Jaden Smith has starred in the reboot of the ‘Karate Kid’ and did a really good job. I think that whole family is bursting with talent, and that Jaden would be perfect to take over the MIB franchise.

Not only is he really talented, but he is super cute too!

What do you think of Jaden as a possible MIB Agent?


Read more here:  http://perezhilton.com/2012-05-18-barry-sonnenfeld-wants-jaden-smith-in-mib4#.T8eLgXNuFjA

The Men In Black Suits at Free Comic Book Day!

Hello fellow MIB fans! I am SO excited that MIB3 is finally getting close! I am sure you are too, so I am putting together this blog to give you all the cool news about the Men In Black, MIB3, Aliens, UFO’s, and all things Extraterrestrial!

I have been keeping an eye out for MIB3 trailers and videos online, and so far I am really liking what I’m seeing! I got something REALLY cool at free comic book day last weekend: check it out!

The Weekly World News is in print to reveal the secrets of the MIB’S! (Is the plural of MIB, MIB’S??)

Anyways: I haven’t seen one of these newspapers in years! It must mean really cool things for the movie. I don’t know who this “Bugeyes” guy is supposed to be, but I will definitely be checking out his “MIBelievers.” Sounds like my kind of crowd!

Free MIB Giveaway!

Are you interested in “the official timepiece of the galaxy?” Ha! Check it out, it looks like these guys are giving away some Men In Black swag. I love free stuff, especially when the MIB are involved!

   Enter the contest here! http://www.themovienetwork.ca/contests/mib3/