Time Travel!

I have been thinking a lot about time travel today, so I looked for something fun to post on the subject! Agent J goes back in time in MIB3 by jumping off the Chrysler building with a special MIB gadget (AMATEURS DO NOT ATTEMPT!)

I found this great article on time travelers from the Weekly World News archive and thought you might enjoy it! I hope the MIBs are careful about not changing the future! (unless it is to save us from Aliens, of course.)

UFO in Russia?

Found this video of a UFO spotting in Russia somewhere. Very interesting- the picture is clear and the lights in the sky are definitely not airplanes! Take a look for yourself!


It seems like with a lot of UFO sightings, the Russians aren’t too far behind! I did some research on Russian UFOs, and came across this gem:

I guess the Russians have been at this UFO hunting for a while! I wonder if they have their own version of the MIB? 🙂

Люди в Чёрном  (thank you google translate!)


So as you know, I have been obsessing over the Baskin-Robbins “Pink Surprise” cake that keeps showing up in the MIB3 promos and ads. It looked delicious, but I had no idea what flavor it actually was. Well now I know!

The “Pink Surprise” cake, is a “triple-layer ice cream cake made of Oreo Cookies ‘n Cream ice cream sandwiched between two layers of Devil’s Food Cake and adorned with pink frosting roses.”


Bill Hader’s Andy Warhol in MIB3

As we know, Agent J goes back in time to save Agent K in MIB3. So, of course he would meet some pretty cool characters from the past! Bill Hader (who is awesome) plays Andy Warhol, who is revealed to be an undercover MIB! It figures- he was known for some unusual art, and he hung out with some strange looking people…they could definitely be Aliens! (PS. Agent J telling Warhol that he is going to “B*#ch slap the shiznit” out of him, could possibly be my favorite trailer quote ever!)

More Celebrity Aliens Revealed!

I’ve got some new celebrity Aliens for you! It has been revealed that: The Beatles, Yoko Ono, Jimi Hendrix, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Fidel Castro are all potential Aliens in MIB3!

I can definitely see Yoko Ono as an Alien, and Fidel Castro as an ET is a hilarious idea! The others I’m not sure… though you never know the kind of tricks the MIB are going to pull!

I learned recently that Castro has been spotted spending time with Aliens before!


And Yoko Ono has built the “Imagine Peace Tower” in Iceland, which looks REALLY suspicious…looks like an Alien portal to me!


I was watching the first two Men In Black movies to prepare for MIB3, and spotted something really cool! It turns out the Weekly World News has been on board with the Men In Black for years! I couldn’t find a clip online, but there is a scene in MIB I where K and J stop at a news stand and pick up a copy of the WWN!

K grabs the paper and tells J that it is the “Best damn investigative reporting on the planet.”

The headline reads: Farm wife says, “ALIEN STOLE MY HUSBAND’S SKIN!”

Now I know why I like the WWN so much, they are the official news source of the MIB!

(Couldn’t find the “Aliens Stole My Husband’s Skin” headline, but this one seemed really cool too!)

What is your favorite MIB Theme song?

I am loving Pitbull’s theme song for MIB 3- “Back In Time”

BUT my all time favorite is still the theme song from MIB 1- “Men In Black”, by Will Smith.

The good guys dress in black- remember that! Watch the (amazing) music video here!


Let me know what your favorite MIB song is!