New Alien Goodies at Baskin-Robbins!

OOH looks like the “pink surprise cake” might have some competition! Our favorite ice cream spot, Baskin- Robbins, has released a few new flavors and sundae options to commemorate the release of MIB3! Here is what they have for us (try not to drool on your keyboard):

The ‘Lunar Cheesecake’ ice cream, originally released for the moon landing in 1969 (woah!) will be making a reappearance. It features green and white cheesecake ice cream loaded with cheesecake bits and wrapped up in a crunchy Graham cracker ribbon.

The new sundaes, “Lunar Lander” and “Agent 31” feature the Lunar Cheesecake ice cream, with the “Lander” topped with Marshmallow and Yellow Cake (YUMMM!), and “31” topped with brownies and hot fudge (DROOOL!)

Definitely trying one of everything! (including the pink surprise cake)

Clive’s Tattoo Parlor

Now I don’t have any tattoos, but I DEFINITELY wouldn’t get one from this place! ‘Bugeyes’ posted some stuff about this guy on his site, so I thought I would take a look. Check it out!


I think Clive’s might be an alien cover- op? I get the sense that something shady is going on there… watch their “commercial” and let me know what you think!