More Celebrity Aliens are Landing!

Theres a rumor going around that MIB3 may have recruited a few more celebrity Aliens: Betty White and Alec Baldwin! Do you guys approve?

Betty White is hilarious, and I think she would definitely bring something fun to the film. Plus, it makes sense that she would be an alien…it would explain how she has so much energy at her age!

30 Rock is one of my favorite shows, so I am really excited to hear that Alec Baldwin might be appearing in MIB3. He is able to make “serious” moments really funny, which is perfect for the Men In Black series.  I think he would be better suited as an MIB rather than an Alien, don’t you?

Hopefully all of these awesome celebrity cameos include speaking lines, and don’t just have them walking around in the background! There is way too much talent there to have it wasted!

What do you think of all these reported celebrity cameos?

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