The Celebrity Aliens Have Landed!

This movie just keeps looking better and better: it was revealed recently that there are going to be some AWESOME cameos in MIB3 by some of my favorite celebs! Let me know what you think of the casting… are they believable aliens?

Lady Gaga: Possibly the MOST alien-like person on this planet (and other planets?) Alien Status: I think her crazy fashion choices and futuristic songs make her a likely alien-in-disguise. I’m calling it: Definite Alien


Justin Beiber: He is loved by millions of young girls worldwide. One might even say he has his own teen army! Perhaps his alien self secretes some sort of love fumes? I know many girls who find his songs “out of this world.” Alien Status: possible.

Tim Burton: YES YES YES! He is an awesome director, and definitely has some “odd” quirks. We know he likes “dark” sensibilities and his take on movies are offbeat (some might say, inhuman?). So that is a point in the “Alien” column. As for his physical alien-ness: Wacky unkept hair, the constant presence of sunglasses (even at night…perhaps he is hiding something?), and his unusual clothing choices. Alien Status: Almost definite.

What do you think?

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