The Men In Black Suits at Free Comic Book Day!

Hello fellow MIB fans! I am SO excited that MIB3 is finally getting close! I am sure you are too, so I am putting together this blog to give you all the cool news about the Men In Black, MIB3, Aliens, UFO’s, and all things Extraterrestrial!

I have been keeping an eye out for MIB3 trailers and videos online, and so far I am really liking what I’m seeing! I got something REALLY cool at free comic book day last weekend: check it out!

The Weekly World News is in print to reveal the secrets of the MIB’S! (Is the plural of MIB, MIB’S??)

Anyways: I haven’t seen one of these newspapers in years! It must mean really cool things for the movie. I don’t know who this “Bugeyes” guy is supposed to be, but I will definitely be checking out his “MIBelievers.” Sounds like my kind of crowd!

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